About Us


Hailing from Hawaii, Southern, and Northern California, we initially crossed paths at a San Francisco Bay Area law firm in 2013. Despite our different backgrounds, personalities, and work styles, we discovered our personal and professional strengths complimented each other in a unique way. We eventually moved on to work at other firms, developing and honing our legal skills separately. However, we continued to turn to each other for inspiration and creative solutions to the complex legal questions we faced professionally. It became apparent that our synergy was something special, and we began to dream of starting a law firm that was representative of our ethos: simplicity, efficiency, excellence, and transparency. In 2016, we made that dream come true when we founded Smith Shapourian Mignano PC.


We recognize that the Bay Area legal market is competitive. We endeavor to stand apart from the rest.
Our mission is to understand your business and offer legal solutions to business problems. We offer you a personal connection and tailored experiences for your unique needs, regardless of what challenges you may face. We provide an effective and efficient resolution of your business needs in a results-oriented manner. Finally, we will grow with you and support you in any way we can, whether simply providing our legal services or being a source of excellent referrals to other Bay Area professionals. Simply put, we want to be the one-stop-shop for your business needs.